Alpharetta City Council Donates to the Police Athletic League

Alpharetta City Council presented the Police Athletic League (PAL) with a contribution of $35,000 at Monday night’s meeting at City Hall. This donation is offered by the city every year and goes to support the non-profit organization which is a recreational-based youth crime prevention program.

According to the city’s Web site, the Alpharetta Police Athletic League “provides a variety of service to Alpharetta’s youth while establishing a bond of mutual respect, understanding and trust with the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.”

Council member Jim Paine, who is the PAL chairman, was grateful to receive the check from council.

“This is an investment in Alpharetta’s future. The future of our kids and this community,” said Paine.

Two alcoholic beverage applications were also approved at Monday night’s meeting, giving LaCasa Italian Grill Inc. on Old Roswell Street and The Coffee Pot on Main Street permission to serve liquor, wine and beer.

Glenda Jennings, owner of The Coffee Pot, said the process was not hard.

“The city was very easy to work with,” said Jennings.

While she did acquire some expenses, including having to conduct a survey to assure she was the required distance from bus stops, churches, schools, etc., she thinks it will be worth it and is hoping this will help draw a new crowd to her establishment.

“I’d like to attract the business crowd that’s looking for a place to meet up after work,” said Jennings.

For more information on Alpharetta City Council visit the city website here.

By Ashley Brechtel